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Please enjoy these games and add-ons:

bingo Play the interactive Online Bullshit Bingo on the screen! You may chose between 7 English and 9 German wording lists including management, marketing and politics. Every game will be different as all the words and phrases are picked at random from a database. You can play Online Bullshit Bingo in 6 different modes, ranging from Singleplayer to Multispeaker. Adjust the game matrix and the required hits and zoom everything to fit the screen. Requires Internet-Explorer 5.0, Mozilla Firefox 0.8, Opera 7.5, Javascript enabled.
There maps There is a virtual world. Find you way through this 3D-community by using the interactive maps, the graphic search engine, guided tours or teleport links from within the virtual world. To use the teleport feature you will need a valid account in There. As the Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher is mandatory for There-users, no other browsers are supported.
js-paint javascript painter is a little interactive painter programm in Javascript. For best results maximize your browser to full-screen. Requires Internet-Explorer 4.0 or higher, Javascript enabled.
settlers III maps Download singleplayer and multiplayer maps for S3.

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