One trick pony improving

All about the new hoverboard tricks.

Guymon's GorgeToday I went to Guymon's Gorge to learn the new hoverboard tricks. At first I couldn't figure it out, but these new tricks are in fact quite simple. I took out my board by clicking on 'My Things'. I marked the my Galaxy Board and then clicked on 'Take out', clicked on the board and hopped on.

After entering the Gorge I met Steve_F, who very patiently explained the tricks. If I would have known they were so simple, I would have given the class myself.

First of all I went to Action Mode. By pressing the CTRL-key on the keyboard the menu disappears and I'm free to move. After a while my finger pressing the CRTL-key turned into stiffened spasms. Then I found out, that you can actually change permanently to action mode by clicking on There, Customize, Default Action Mode. So I did.

left grabbingIn Action Mode the UP and DOWN arrow keys do set the speed and the mouse will give the direction. I found out I could use the LEFT and RIGHT keys as well, but it is far more easy to navigate with the mouse.

Basically it is all about the right mouse button. Steve told me to use the right mouse button to jump as usual, to click it again once I was airborne and then move the mouse left or right. I learned the barrel in no time.

But first things first. When I was aloft after jumping I was capable to spin while moving the mouse left or right and to loop when pushing the rodent up and down. If it was looking really wired, it was either a combination of both or my mouse pad wasn't big enough. Why are mouse pads so small anyway?

practicing the flareThe next thing I was going to learn was the flare. After speeding up I just jumped with the right mouse button and hit the UP and DOWN arrow keys simultaniously. Yeeha! If you are able to combine this with a spin you'r fit for a rodeo!

I was very happy about my progress, when Steve told me about grabbing. Well, Steve had been very helpful so far, but I felt a bit uncomfortable with the need to hug everybody in There. Fortunately I found out in time that I had to grab the board and not Steve.

yeeha ...Once I was up in the air I could grab the board by hitting any of the arrow keys. To my surprise I could combine grabbing with spinning and looping. Most of the time I simply wasn't fast enough to perform all these options at a time. I guess I need some training anyway.

And that's what I'm going to do now
See you later folks!

by thalasso

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