There is more to it!

Manager: We need a success, badly!

Director: We need a good script, that would help!

Technician: We need new lights, new speakers, new seating, basically we need everything new!

Manager: We can't afford that, you know that. Don't you know any good authors!

Director: Sure, I know some, but we can't afford them!

Manager: Can't you write a play?

Technician: My brother in law once wrote a story about an unsuccessful salesman!

Manager: Doesn't sound promising.

Technician: But it is genuine. He was an unsuccessful salesman.

Director: I'm a Director, not a writer! We have good plays, it is a marketing problem!

Manager: The stuff maybe good, but it doesn't sell!

Technician: Maybe we should perform something from a writer, who is still alive. Not that old stuff!

Director: Shakespeare is not old, Goethe never dies!

Manager: Tell that the audience!

Director: I do that with every show.

Manager: OK, convince the audience! And the critics by the way.

Technician: Correct me, If I'm wrong, but I believe Goethe is as dead as Shakespeare!

Director: I don't argue with ignorant people!

Manager: You better do, because I'm ignorant too. The only thing I want, is to keep this place running. I have to pay the bills, not to speak of the demanding actors.

Director: They are the best, we can afford!

Technician: Fire some and buy some spots and speakers!

Director: Without actors, you don't need lights or whatsoever!

Technician: Unless you do animated film.

Manager: Can we please get back to the point!

Director: This is a complete waste of time!

Technician: CWOT!

Manager: What?

Technician: You're far too old for that.

Manager: What are you talking about?

Technician: The young people, the next generation, the ones you don't get in here, they talk like that.

Manager: You've lost me there!

Technician: We should do something modern, something different!

Director: Oh dear, no that again!

Technician: I don't mind if it is Shakespeare, or somebody completely unknown. The language and the medium should be state of the art.

Manager: Medium?

Director: He has this strange ideas about Virtual Reality. That will never work!

Manager: Tell me more about it!

Technician: You're familiar with computers?

Manager: Well, writing letters and reading email.

Technician: There is more to it.

Manager: Yeah, I've heard about it. But it doesn't sell!

Director: That will never work, whatever it is.

Technician: It doesn't sell yet, but in the years to come? We could be the first presenting Shakespeare online, on a virtual stage.

Manager: I don't get it.

Technician: We wouldn't need a theater, no lights, no speakers. Skip all the stuff!

Director: No actors as well?

Technician: Of course we need actors! The internet is just a structure. The people using it are the bone and the flesh. We can make the difference between some hardware, outstanding software and a living virtual system.

Director: You're out of your mind, if you ever had one!

Manager: Go on.

Technician: All you need are authors, directors, actors and a good platform. Think of the possibilities: you could cut the costs in half and reach the whole mankind as possible audience!

Director: This is killing art!

Technician: No, this is art in it's purest form!

Director: That really scares me!

Technician: People without a vision are always scared!

Manager: But where can we find that?

Technician: In There, Of course!


by thalasso

© 2003 HJSV -