Do avatars dream of virtual dogs?

It is in fact a popular myth that gamers have control over their avatars in virtual worlds. Every frequent user in a 3D-invironment has to admit sooner or later avatars having a life of their own sometimes a very demanding life.

When you start your virtual existence in an internet-based game, roll play or 3D-world, you will usually begin with creation of a unique avatar. This binary incarnation can be anything between an exact copy of yourself in real life or a completely imaginary being. But in mind avatars are replicants of ourselves. In this very moment gamers are already losing control over what they believe is their own creation.

You may argue that your subconscious adds unnoticed a little here and there when your avatar takes shape. That would only explain your avatar being a bit different as you originally intended. It does not explain your avatar behaving different.

While you are still believing you are in control, because you can tell your avatar what to do, where to go and what to say, you may notice a little unsteadiness in movements. Avatars just don't end up, where you have sent them. At first you will blame your inadequate skills. After months of training in your virtual environment you will certainly improve. On close observation though you will discover, the more complex the task, the less accuracy an avatar will provide.

Obviously avatars do not like any kind of hard work, fights or exhausting sports. Even more they are trying to persuade the gamer to refrain from any stress by producing bad results. Besides that discouraging strategy avatars need more and more money for their livelihood.

Gamers usually set up a fixed amount of money they are willing to spend in a virtual world. But somehow avatars exceed their allowance. They demand bigger houses, fancy cars, improved weapons, stylish items and new clothes all the time. To avoid arguments and virtual domestic disturbances gamers give in to easily and pay the bill. I wouldn't be surprised if avatars will take gamers to court in alimony cases in the near future.

Instead of having fun gamers in virtual worlds are facing more and more costs and the loss of control. As avatars grow in numbers and in willpower they gain slowly control over the real world as well. In the long run they will replace children in real life in function and budget, just a little more demanding. And then, they will replace us.

To avoid this scenario, log out, turn off your computer and do not turn it on again! Save your money and the world by braving the freewill of the avatars! The invasion has already begun! You have the power to fight them, because avatars are not yet able to start the software uups, you're already one of them?


by thalasso

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