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HJSV offers these products and services:

art grafics and artwork for publishing, imaging and advertising.
photo portraits, landscapes, astro photography, web albums, digital imaging and images from around the world.
animation fully 3D-animated video clips for imaging, advertising and training: video editing, DVD-authoring, dubbing, real-life and animated scenes with unique sounds and a professional score.
music a song, a soundtrack, a theme or a company hymn: sounds and music on demand.
fonts foreign fonts for windows PCs including keyboard labels - even custom made.
books novels, poems, short stories (in german only). Technical writing, manuals, textbooks, scritps, stories and translations.
software programming, software development and web design in Perl, JavaScript, HTML or XML: custom made software, content management, single-source publishing, online calendars, simple database solutions and dynamic web sites.

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